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23 Percent of Women in Tech Face Sexually Harassment at Work

Sexual Harassment in Today’s Tech Industry

In our business, we know sexual harassment is a huge problem, but this recent statistic from Comparably about sexual harassment in the tech industry was appalling. 23% of women in the tech sector have been subjected to sexual harassment at work. One in four women is a woefully unacceptable, especially when the rules against this type of behavior are so clearly outlined and rigorously defended.

Why is sexual harassment in the tech industry so high?

The study sampling of 5,000+ individuals, including men, also shows that sexual harassment may in fact increase as a woman advances in her career. It’s difficult to know if female executives are harassed more than other workers, or if they’ve simply logged more hours and been exposed to more incidents of harassment than other industries. Either way, the numbers show a shockingly high prevalence of inexcusable behavior that needs to be stopped.
If you’ve suffered from unwanted sexual advances or sexually inappropriate behavior, or know someone who has, take action today. There’s no need to feel ashamed because you haven’t done anything wrong. Don’t suffer in silence. The laws are in place to protect you and to stop this behavior from continuing.