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Experts in Sacramento Employment Law

As experienced Sacramento employment lawyers with nearly 40 years of combined experience, we only work for employees. Your employer most likely has a team of lawyers protecting his or her business, and the lawyers at Wright & Doumit are committed to ensuring you have the best legal representation to fight for what you deserve.

Reasons To Speak with an Employment Law Specialist

California is an at-will employment state, but this does not mean your employer can violate employment laws. Our employment lawyers specialize in rectifying various types of workplace violations, including:

  • Discrimination – based on your age or race, as well as any type of disability (including pregnancy)
  • Harassment – sexual or otherwise treated in a threatening or inappropriate manner
  • Wrongful Termination – fired without cause or for reporting illegal activity
  • Job Agreement Mismatch – scope of your work does not match your job description
  • Unrealistic Expectations – employer is requiring you to sign a contract or agreement without properly educating you on all it entails
  • Failure to be Paid Appropriatelyunderpaid for your services or denied overtime pay
  • Potential Illegal Activity – observed actions in the workplace that may be illegal
  • Unsatisfied with Complaint Process – feeling that a formal complaint filed with a state or government agency was not been resolved properly
  • Frequent Inappropriate Behavior – awareness that several employees have filed (or simply mentioned) similar complaints against your employer
  • Retaliation – fired as retaliation for raising concerns about the workplace

Straightforward Language and Open-Minded Lawyers

If you’ve lost your job or feel like you’re constantly looking over your shoulder because you’ve reported a workplace violation, then you’re probably more than a little anxious. You need an employment law attorney who will listen to you carefully without judging or talking down to you. We are focused on guiding and assisting you in your time of need. The advice we give on Employment Law is spoken in plain, practical language.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Listening carefully
  • Keeping our discussion with you confidential
  • Thoroughly evaluating your claim
  • Explaining all your options
  • Providing you with expert support and resources
  • Pursuing the best possible compensation for your claim

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