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Sacramento Race & Age Discrimination Lawyers


age discrimination at work
When employers discriminate against an employee because of his or her race or age, they do so in a very subtle manner. In actuality, your employer does not have to say that your age or race was the reason for your termination, demotion or loss of pay in order for you to pursue a discrimination case.

Regardless of Your Race or Age, You Have Rights

If you are being treated differently than someone who is a different age or different race than you, or being subjected to harassing comments of racial slurs, it is considered discrimination and harassment. Proving this can seem overwhelming, but our race and age discrimination lawyers at the Law Offices of William F. Wright are experienced in advocating for our clients.

The shift in the economy has led many businesses to downsize. Being laid off because of your age is devastating. After several years, sometimes decades, with a company, you are suddenly out of work. Finding work at an older age can sometimes seem impossible. But you have every right to work as long as you are able and your company cannot legally take that right from you, no matter how much the economy is suffering.

The Law Offices of William F. Wright is located in a very multicultural city and our Sacramento racial discrimination attorneys are proud to live and practice here. In recent years, we have seen a drop in racial discrimination cases. While this decrease is welcomed, we are prepared to assist any client who feels he or she has been treated differently at work because of the color of his or her skin or his or her country of origin, or due to age.

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