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Sacramento Sexual Harassment Lawyers


No matter your job or where you work, Sexual Harassment is never acceptable. It is illegal for your employer or coworkers to communicate with you inappropriately or set expectations for you that are different than that of others because of your gender. Sexual harassment undermines the integrity of the workplace and should never be tolerated.

Definition of  Sexual Harassment

In California, sexual harassment has been carefully defined and outlined according to The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). According to the legal definition, sexual harassment includes any type of inappropriate conduct that is sexual in nature, gender-based (women and men can both be victims of harassment by a person of the same gender or the opposite sex), and can also be related to pregnancy and its associated medical situations, including childbirth.

Types of Sexual Harassment

There are two kinds of sexual harassment:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment
  • Hostile work environment harassment

Quid pro quo, a phrase which comes from Latin and means “this for that,” is a form of manipulating a person into exchanging sexual favors for employee benefits. This can occur when a manager or supervisor makes promises to an employee in exchange for having sex with him or her.

Harassment can also occur in the form of sexual jokes or innuendos made in passing in the working environment, thus resulting in a problematic or hostile work environment.

It’s important that you review the list of sexually inappropriate behaviors below above. You do not always have to be touched or propositioned to file for sexual harassment at work.

Examples of Workplace Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual propositions or advances that are unwanted
  • Touching someone physically or preventing him or her from leaving an area
  • Offers that suggest employee gains or advancement using sex as a bargaining tool
  • Threats of any kind, whether literal or implied, suggesting retaliation for noncooperation
  • Having sexually suggestive images or objects on display; making sexually suggestive or lewd gestures; or leering
  • Using language or making jokes that include derogatory remarks, slurs, or epithets
  • Sexually harassing comments, such as making remarks about someone’s body or using words or descriptions that are considered sexually degrading when describing a person
  • Writing any type of correspondence that is sexual in nature or that contains obscene content
  • Your Employer Is Responsible for Preventing Sexual Harassment

Having a safe and secure workplace is something you expect when you accept a job. Along with those qualities, employers are also required by law to ensure that the workplace is free from harassment, and they must take every possible step necessary to prevent sexual harassment from happening. This right extends to every employee, whether you report to a manager or supervisor, or if you’re in a management position and are being harassed by someone else.

Employers are also required to have written policies in place including plans to enforce the policy as well as information about filing a complaint.

What to Do If You Are Being Sexually Harassed

If you feel that you have been sexually harassed at work, or even during the hiring process, you should file a discrimination complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing or consult with a sexual harassment attorney in order to obtain representation right away. Your right to recover damages may be limited if you wait too long to file a complaint.

Help for Victims of Sexual Harassment in Sacramento

If the conversation of another group of individuals is deemed sexually inappropriate for the workplace, you may have a case regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Many people experience retaliation when they report either type of sexual harassment. This is also illegal.

At Wright & Doumit Law, our sexual harassment attorneys understand the gut-wrenching discomfort you may be feeling if you are being sexually harassed at work. We carefully navigate and guide our clients through this complex area of law, while educating each individual on his or her rights. In many cases, we are able to save our clients’ jobs.

Sexual harassment can be devastating and demeaning, and we are passionate about advocating for our clients and empowering them as we work to obtain the best possible compensation in each case.

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