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Sacramento Whistleblower Rights


If you reported an illegal activity at your workplace and you were fired, demoted or reprimanded for doing so, you may be entitled to compensation.

Every employee in California is protected against the Whistleblower Act. That means regardless of whether you work for a business or any state, city or county government, schools or university, you can report illegal activities to an outside agency without worrying about losing your job.


Whether its misuse of government funds, failing to follow health codes at a restaurant or being asked to falsify information, you are encouraged to report these unlawful activities and you can rest assured that your job is not at risk.

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If you have been fired or your job status has changed, you need an experienced attorney to serve as your advocate. At the Law Offices of William F. Wright, our Sacramento whistleblower lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience in employment law.

We are determined to fight for the rights of our clients while obtaining the fairest compensation possible. We care about our clients’ futures, and we understand the stress and pressure you may feel. We are dedicated to offering practical guidance and empowering our clients as we seek the best possible outcome.

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