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Husband and wife successful with lawsuit against former employer

Losing a job in this economy can prove to be financially and professionally devastating. For this reason, there are some workers who will ignore or dismiss unfair or unlawful working conditions out of fear of losing a job. However, instead of trying to deal with a hostile work environment or cope with discriminatory behavior on the job, some people in California are taking legal action against an employer for the violation of employee rights.

It can be frightening to speak out against unlawful treatment at work. However, when the victim of this misconduct is your spouse, it may seem a little easier to take a stand. This was the situation that a young couple recently faced when they both worked for the same company that had engaged in repeated violations of numerous employment laws.

According to reports, a woman and her husband were both working for a government contractor in another state. When the woman learned she was pregnant and informed her employers, she became the victim of derogatory remarks and mistreatment by others. Her employers also reportedly refused to make accommodations for her pregnancy, which is required in states like California. They then wrongfully fired the woman for her disability.

The woman’s husband also worked at the company and filed a complaint after his wife was mistreated and unfairly terminated. After he reported the discrimination, however, he too was fired. The company let both parents go, even though they had a baby on the way. The couple took legal action against their former employer citing discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

The former employer has recently agreed to pay the couple $70,000 for the unlawful treatment the suffered.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Nevada Firm Pays $70k in Suit Over Pregnant Worker,” April 17, 2013