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Sacramento Discrimination and Harassment Lawyers

Employment law has changed drastically over the past two decades and the experienced Sacramento discrimination attorneys at the Law Offices of William F. Wright have followed suit.

As employers become more subtle in firing, demoting and discriminating against their employees, our lawyers become stronger, more forthright advocates for their clients. California is an at-will employment state, but this does not mean that your employer can terminate or alter your position illegally.

Drawing on more than 30 years of combined experience, our Roseville employment attorneys guide our clients from the earliest stages of their unique employment law cases through the final steps. By employing this level of attention and care, we are able to offer our clients high-quality legal representation that results in the best outcome possible.

Our Attorneys Advocate for Your Rights

Discrimination and harassment is unacceptable treatment applied to the unchangeable aspects of a human being. At the Law Offices of William F. Wright, our attorneys defend clients facing sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination that affects women before, after and during their pregnancy, anyone with a disability and those treated differently due to their race or age.

Additionally, if you have reported discrimination, sexual harassment or anyworkplace conditions that are illegal, and your fires you, this is wrongful termination and it is illegal.

Taking legal action in an employment law case can seem very overwhelming. Many of our clients feel intimidated and anxious about the future of their careers. At the Law Offices of William F. Wright, our attorneys serve as practical, compassionate advocates in each of the cases we pursue.

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