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Woman fired after complaining about improper conduct

In this economy, some people are staying at jobs in a negative work environment out of concern that they may not be able to find another job. Questionable employment practices are overlooked, workers may be afraid to speak up against workplace discrimination and some are even accepting unfair pay. However, employees who speak out about these situations may be making things better for others.

Recently, a woman filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against a former U.S. national swim coach who hired her and then fired her unlawfully. The lawsuit is not about money, she says, but it is about putting an end to the negative culture associated with swimming.

According to reports, the woman was hired by the coach to work at a California swim club. During her employment, the woman says she became aware that the coach’s friend, who also worked at the club, was facing sexual abuse allegations. She received complaints from parents and swimmers about the coach’s friend and she took action by keeping kids away from him.

The woman was then fired by the coach after she objected to the friend working with children while he was being investigated for sexual abuse. The coach allegedly dismissed her concerns, stating that his friend’s behavior was just the way things were at USA Swimming, with whom she had also filed a complaint.

Some sources suggest that USA Swimming has had a long history of hiring coaches who have inappropriate relationships with young swimmers. Nearly 50 members of USA Swimming have been banned from the sport for this criminal conduct.

USA Swimming has started to make some changes by improving their training programs, conducting background checks on more people and boosting screening efforts for coaches and officials. The group is not named in the woman’s lawsuit.

The woman hopes that this lawsuit will highlight the corruption and criminal behavior that she claims is still rampant in the sport. By filing her wrongful termination lawsuit, she believes that she can drive significant and positive change.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Former U.S. national swim coach Schubert faces lawsuit,” Sept. 18, 2012

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